He was born in Würzburg, Germany. Since the mid 1990s he has been taking part in extreme expeditions, taking him to some of the most remotest parts of the world. Africa, Asia and Europe are his favorite fields of work and Sinn's photos are his uniquely personal way of recording the world, at times out of unfamiliar angles. In 1994, undertook the travel photographer an east-west crossing of the island of Kalimantan(Borneo), Indonesia. In 1995, he joined an expedition to Irian Jaya (Papua New Guinea). He became one of the first white men to venture into the Valley of the Stone Axes in rainforest and documented one of the last paleolithic cultures on our planet. His characteristic and perceptively reserved manner, enabled him to portrait a long forgotten tribe. In 1996, he walked through the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Then followed other expeditions as well as several world travels... Sinn has held numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries in Germany, Poland, Turkey and Dubai since 2003. He lives and works for the photography in Peiting (Allgäu/Germany).